Singing in the Dark

And finally Sakura Con day 3, in which I am once again Duo Maxwell, and I got to meet Kevin of Desert Bluffs (cosplayer actualsurgeon)  who asked if I believe in a smiling god \o/  There were so many amazing and wonderful cosplays at Sakura Con this year and I had so much fun. This weekend was really a blast, thanks to all of you who helped make it what it was!

Again, if this is you, let me know so I can credit awesome cosplay where it’s due :D

Day 2 Sakura Con! :D with <a href=””>batneko</a> as the amazing Night Vale cosplay (waiting for bus in the rain! = perfection)

Again, if this is you, let me know and I’ll credit!

I saw so many awesome costumes this weekend. Friday was an excellent start, so here’s an assortment of those from the first day. All uncredited currently, if this is you let me know! :D Sakura Con = so many wonderful people!

imageInga as cosplayed by myself.


Jareth and Sarah in line at the Masquerade Ball


Jaime Lanister.


Cecil Palmer


Nezumi and Shion! <3s




lillianlemoning asked a question:
Can we talk about how much it’s going to break Alana when Hannibal is revealed as what he actually is? Just thinking about it gives me chills.


I am so gd excited for Caroline Dhavernas’ performance, ever since that silent sequence of her rage and grief at the end of s1, like holy SHIT

normally this is point where I would say that Alana needs a lot of cuddles and face-smushing with an attractive person at the end of this season, but with the departure of Beverly from the land of the living I don’t think there’s anyone left on the show that would be good for her. Don’t get me wrong, I ship Will/Alana happily, but with his character arc this season I am … not convinced he would be good for her. So I will just fall back on Alana and Bedelia sitting in a tiny village on a Greek island, drinking wine, and going “fuck that guy. Fuck that guy. What a fucking dick. I thought he was my friend and then he fucked everything up. Fuck him. Fuck everything.”



even if hannibal wasn’t a cannibalistic serial killer why would you want to hang out with him anyway he’s so pretentious

"heart tartare" kiss my ass hannibal order a pizza

i hate to break it to you

but this post ensures that you would not be hanging out…


Title: Wings

Song: Wings by Little Mix

Vidder: Rhea314

Fandoms: Firefly, Kamakazi Girls, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Miss Congeniality, Charlies Angels, Bend It Like Beckham, The Matrix, Hex, Star trek TOS, Teen Wolf, Torchwood, Merlin, Casino Royale, Avengers, Battle Star Galactica, Skins, Glee, Xena Warrior Princess, 10 Things I Hate about You, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Chuck, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Friday Night Lights, Buffy, Legend of the Seeker, Middle Men, Game of Thrones, Slings and Arrows, Alias, The Losers, Whip It, Themla & Louise, Sanctuary, Doctor Who, Dark Angel, Fast and the Furious, Farscape, Primeval, Leverage, Star Trek: Voyager, Hunger Games, Bones, Gravity, Lord of the Rings, Smallville, Underworld, Stargate Atlantis, Wonderfalls, Stargate SG1, Once Upon a Time, D.E.B.S.

Summary: A celebration of female characters with focus on showing their competency not just through violence but through their friendships, determination, self confidence, intelligence, leadership, and skills. Part a remix, part a conversation with the vids that have come before, and part love letter to these awesome ladies and the people who vid them. 

Warnings: some fast cuts ~.2 secs per image

Length: 3:51

Vidder Talk: This vid came out of the fact that I *love* mutlifandom vids about ladies. There are some amazing vids out there! But one thing I noticed was that often demonstrations of female agency and celebrations of women were celebrations of females showing their skills/agency/badassery through violence. Sometimes that was beating up men, sometimes that was overcoming an attacker, sometimes it was just “I look freaking cool with this gun/martial arts form, watch me conquer”. I am all for awesome aggressively competent ladies but I was saddened that in some of my favorite vids I didn’t see the thinking or other moments of brilliance. So, I decided I was going to try to make a celebration of women vid with no violence. Obviously I missed that mark, this vid includes 1 rocket launcher, some dragons, and one scene with shooting. That said, I think I did mostly create the vid I wanted to see, and having ~20 seconds of that whole have some violent connotations was, in the end, something I felt okay with. 

I do think (or hope!) I managed to include female characters who don’t always show up in these kinds of vids. The list of characters I “must have” in this vid was about twice as long as the number of awesome ladies actually appearing, so this is by no means a ‘only these characters’ there are so many others who could/should have been included. The other challenge that I worked on in this vid, was creating a vid that only used footage from other vids. So the end credits work a bit like a rec list of all sorts of vids with amazing female characters. 

I wanted to talk about what images we find iconic and emblematic of our fannish experience, and in doing that talk about how vids show agency (relating back to the lots of violent images), because beyond just violence there are so many vids that show women being awesome in all sorts of different ways, and I wanted to bring all those moments together into one vid, so why not make a shout out to those vids for having those moments? This is another area in which I didn’t precisely succeed. There were no vids of Gravity at the time I made this video so I used the movie trailer, similarly Perks of Being a Wallflower. I had a vid with a particular moment from the Hunger Games that I wanted to use, but my computer couldn’t convert the file (not divisible by 16). Happily the Hunger Games trailer also had that moment so I used that (though it was inspired by the original vid!). 

I hope that this vid gives you as many positive, happy, awesome female character squee feelings as it does for me! I think this was a well spent ~3 months \o/

Appreciation: Thanks to Beckaandzac for introducing me to Little Mix and therefore being directly responsible for the existence of this vid. Thanks also to Myira and Paul for beta.

Just a PSA reminder that the second season of Mushi Shi premiered yesterday. And if you missed the OAV back in January and want to catch up on that first you can watch free on crunchy roll here:
Crunchyroll has the new season&#8217;s episodes but you have to pay to get at them, but now you know they exist you can be excited about it! :D

Just a PSA reminder that the second season of Mushi Shi premiered yesterday. And if you missed the OAV back in January and want to catch up on that first you can watch free on crunchy roll here:

Crunchyroll has the new season’s episodes but you have to pay to get at them, but now you know they exist you can be excited about it! :D

Okay, maybe I really do need to write that crossover fic now. The Sakurazukamori would appreciate Hannibal’s work I’m sure. 





Celebrity and historic figure doppelgangers

I have this crack theory that the genetic material that determines human appearance has a finite number of possible arrangements, thus resulting in doppelgangers.

That or they’re vampires.

That too

THE SIREN INITIATIVE. It has always been a sad and unfortunate superstition that women were bad luck to have aboard a ship - and, as such, there have been many women thrown over the rails and into the water. But as the water filled their lungs, they finally found fins to call their own. Ruling at sea, they drown sailors in revenge for their deaths, and aid and support the all-woman pirate crew of Captain Isobel Maulie.

Inspired by this collection of posts.